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Lifestyle for the modern business man

Coming from the corporate world, I used to have the typical workaholic life: too much work and little life. Now, I changed for the worklover routine: love your work and your life.



I worked 12 years as an Investment Manager in Brazil before becoming a real estate developer in Miami, FL. For the last 5 years, I'm building and selling luxury real estate in South Florida and investing in multifamily projects.

Here, I want to share my experiences and knowledge acquired to help you make better decisions on your real estate investments. 

As a bonus, I will divide with you new experiences that might have a positive impact on your life as they did on mine.

To inspire you is my utmost desire.

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Watch on YouTube

This is were you can get the most of me. Watch my keynotes, learn about real estate, know the best places in Miami (and the world).

Take a look on how it is possible to combine hard work and still being able to enjoy everything life has to offer you.


For questions, opportunities or business inquires, contact me:

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