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2021 Manifesto For a New Life

As we enter a new year, after a wrecking 2020, we need a new way to think about our own lives. And this is my new 2021 Manifesto.

Be selfish

Being selfish is not about ignoring others, is not about suppressing others, is not about just thinking about what is in there for you. Being selfish is about taking care of yourself first because if you're not OK you cannot do good to others.

Be Self-aware

Know how you are and be it. Unapologetically. Don't try to fit in. STAND OUT.

The worst thing we can do to ourselves is ignoring who we are to please others, to fit in a model that doesn't represent you. Talk as you like, think as you like, dress as you like, live as you like. You don't need to please people to have them next to you. Attract those alike and that you like. Leave those who judge, the finger-pointers out. Good energy connects to good energy.

You Are Enough

Learn to love yourself and your own company. We came to this world alone, and we will leave it alone. Once you learn to not be addicted to anyone else's company, you will do more, procrastinate less, be more, accomplish more, suffer less, and enjoy life and live more.

Don't have company? Fuck it. Go alone!

Take Care of Your Health

Your health is your long-term retirement plan,. you are going to live in your body forever, so take care of it the most. It needs to be your top priority. Health will keep you going. Aesthetics will keep you confident, and there is nothing more powerful than confidence.

When you are secure about yourself, your capabilities, you can do anything. If you feel miserable with yourself, everything became a downhill spiral. You need to like what you see in the mirror. Externally and internally. And one cannot be reached without the other.

Money is Freedom

Money is the solution for problems, but it cannot be a goal, at the same time, you cannot live without it.

Expend less than you make. Have 12 months of expenses saved. Have several sources of income. Learn to invest first. Money will bring you freedom. Learn to love making money more than you love burning it.

Money is not the synonym for happiness, but having it enough )(and you are free to define 'enough') will make you light.

Pursue Your Dream Life

Write down how your perfect day, week, month, year, life would be and live it as best as you can. You still don't have everything you want? Pretend you do! Your mind will feel it first, and your reality will manifest itself later.

Be what you want to.

Do what you have to.

Have what you desire to.

Be Kind and Respectful

Kindness is a must, as well as being respectful. Judge less. Everyone has a background, a history, a meaning behind what they are. Is not your job to validate people. Don't agree? Leave him/her alone. Don't judge. Just live your life, respect theirs, and be kind to everyone. Including you.

Say Yes (and no) More Often

Saying yes to the unknown will open your mind. Saying no to the proven mistakes will save you time and tears.

Don't be afraid to try new things. Learn to differentiate errors from mistakes. While the first can be corrected, the second should be avoided.

Be Happy


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