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Execute happiness

We make decisions every day, from the moment we open wake up to the time we go to sleep.

Should I wake up now, or sleep more 5 minutes?

What I’m going to eat for breakfast?

What clothes I’m going to use?

Should I send this email?

Black or white?

What time should I wake up tomorrow?

Many of those decisions, we don’t even remember we made, because they are imprinted in our subconscious mind, but we make them anyway and we perform the task created as a result of that decision.

So, if we decided to wear a red shirt, and we actually put the red shirt in a given Tuesday, then why “being happy” shouldn’t also be a decision we make every single day, the first thing as we open our eyes after a night of sleep?

The decision of being happy is one that would guide all of our actions during the day. It’s not a matter of pursing happiness, is a matter of executing happiness regardless of the situations.

In the famous movie with Will Smith, he spends the whole saga in pursue of happiness, and he finally achieves it at the end, when he gets the job and can provide for his family. It’s a brilliant movie and tells us a heartwarming (real) story. But the concept of pursing the happiness means that he doesn’t have it yet, and that happiness is an external factor.

When we decide to be happy and to execute happiness we are telling the Universe that happiness is inside of us, not out there disguised as a job, a bonus, a car, a person. Happiness is within not without.

Circunstantes won’t be perfect always, but if we decide to be happy, no matter what happens in the outer world, the inner world, our mind (conscious and subconscious) won’t be affected, because we are happy.

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