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Updated: Jul 21, 2020

If you wanna buy a luxury watch, you know how overwhelming it can be. With such an array of brands, materials, shapes, and colors, you will search for hours and will be stuck in the same place. Calm down. I can help you.

A great friend of mine back in Brazil once told me: “to buy a car, you need to start with the most important, the engine. You chose a great engine and then you go for the rest." If you take that advice, your life will be much easier.

After years wearing just smartwatches, you’re probably looking for a timepiece that accomplishes two goals: tells you time and makes you look good. My background might resonate with you.

Since I work with investors and luxury home buyers, looking sharp is a must. And the main goal here is to be authentic. You don’t wanna buy an ultra-luxury watch replica just to impress. Those who know will look down on you.


So, you spent hours online researching and you are more lost than ever. You still don’t know how to differentiate a good watch from a lemon. Remember: start with the engine.

With that in mind, you should look for a great quality movement of your timepiece. A lot of brands out there have a great looking watch, but when you look at their “engine”, it’s like an Audi with the motor of a Lada. So, why pay hundreds of dollars just because they look good, but they have a weak and inexpensive movement that you can buy on e-bay?

Now that you figured out the movement you want (automatic or quartz), set a second criteria: a reliable brand.

In the age of Alibaba and outsourcing, there’s a great deal of brands that are being created on the back of third party factories. What they do, basically, is to select from a portfolio of products, print their brand and sell the product.

To save you time, I already searched several watches that were exactly the same, except for the logo that was printed on the dial. What neither you and me want is to need for assistance and the company is closed. So, you must look for brands that are in the market for several years.


Tissot was founded in Switzerland in 1853, and a company that went thru 2 World Wars and several Global Economy crashes is the proof that if you need any kind of assistance, you would have it. After that, it's time to select your watch.

As you are a modern businessman, your wardrobe is made of much more than just navy-blue suits and black leather shoes. You probably are more in your jeans than a construction worker. You have plenty of accessories and your watch should be able to go from formal business to rockstar in a glimpse.

The Tissot V8 Quartz Chronograph checks all the boxes. The engine is a Swiss quartz movement with 4 jewels, assuring you quality and durability.

A quartz movement works with an electronic pulse to make its arms to move, whereas a mechanical watch uses a spring to do so, making it more complicated and expensive. To reduce friction of a timepiece, watchmakers make their gears and bearings out of jewels (like ruby, or synthetic ruby). With the combination of both, the quartz and the jewels, the Tissot V8 guarantees high end quality while doesn’t break the bank.

And its look exhales boldness and confidence. For my particular taste and style, I was looking for a timepiece with clear colors, that I could match my Goorin Brothers Hat and a suede Chelsea boot, as well as with a suit. It needed to fit the classic and casual style and, of course, upscale my overall look.

Built with high-quality materials, the round case is made of 316L stainless steel, assuring that you can do your heavy-duty activities in style.

With 42.5mm, it’s the perfect size: not bulky nor shy. The scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and the 11.2 thickness of the case turn this timepiece into an elegant sport watch.

For the colors and styles, you can choose from 5 different options, going from clear to dark dials and leather or stainless steel straps. My weapon of choice was the ivory dial with brown embossed cow leather alligator look-alike strap.

As Tissot defines it in their website, the V8 is a powerful engine for the wrist. Casual or formal, your look will be complete with this bold timepiece.

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