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Stop Setting Goals

Year in, year out, you set your goals, trace a plan and get excited about the “new year new me” resolutions. In January you’re hyped up but still didn’t do anything because you are warming up. February comes and you do the first reps. In March, you gave up because you didn’t see the results. December is right around the corner, you beat yourself up for not pursuing your goals and you start all over again.

But why aren’t you accomplishing your goals?

Goals Don't Take You Anywhere

Making a decision is different to set a goal. While the second focuses on the outcome, the first puts pressure on to take action. And when you have no one else to blame, you just prefer not to put yourself in that position.

I have set many goals in my life, but those that I really accomplished were the ones that were not only goals but decisions. I DECIDED to do an Ironman Triathlon. I DECIDED to live in another country. And I’m DECIDING now that I will have a worldwide real estate career.

By making a decision to do it, trying is not an option. If I set myself to “try”, in the first hiccups, in the first barriers, in the first problems, I’m going to give up and blame anything other than myself.

In the other hand, and I make a decision, the only thing that matters is to get it done. I will go on one round, and if it fails, I will adjust and will keep moving.

Decisions are solution-based actions. Setting goals, or trying, are problem-focused actions. A decision will push you to act. A goal will drive you to react.

Make a Decision Today

When you make a decision it is easier to think as you have already accomplished it and now you’re just living by your outcome.

In 2012, I made a decision to run an Ironman Triathlon. At that moment, I BECAME a triathlete. I swam, I biked, I ran and I ate as a triathlete. I wasn’t trying, I was doing. And I did. I completed my first Ironman Triathlon in 2014.

The same thing happened when I DECIDED I was going to live in another country. I didn’t have a job, I didn’t have a visa, and I was already there. I was talking to investors as I was already doing it because in my mind I was.

Reality is nothing more than how you see what’s around you. You see problems, it became your reality. You see solutions, it became your reality. Look around you: if you look for scarcity, you will find it. You look for abundance, you will find it.

If you’re really looking for a change, stop setting goals and start making decisions.


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