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Updated: Jul 21, 2020

You like adventure. You like to feel powerful. You like the freedom only a bike can give you. And you wanna look badass. Those are the main reasons a Harley Davidson FXDR is the perfect motorcycle for you.

Childhood Memories

When I entered the Harley Davidson dealership, I wanted to buy the 883. A Sportster bike that, well customized, can be so badass. Light to drive around town. But when I set on it, I saw how small it was for someone like me: 6'02 and 210lbs. I need something bigger.

The next step was to try the Fat Bob. Even more badass than the 883. I was in love with the bike. Set. Took pictures. Was going to buy it. Until I saw the Fat Boy: the Terminator bike.

Me posing with the Fat Bob at Peterson Harley Davidson Miami

This bike brought me back to 1995, when I first saw the movie. At the time, I was 11 and loved to ride bicycles. I bet you did too. You probably had you little 'bike gang' that would bother the whole neighborhood. And you loved it! Now, you are 20, 30 years more experienced. And you are looking for a 'new gang', a bunch of people you like, that you share a common interest and wanna hang out with them.

Or, you might be looking to just have a reason to clear your mind. Actually, that's one of the things that I like the most when riding my bike: It's just me, the bike and the road. In my case, there's no radio, no cell phone, no passenger to talk to. Nothing. I just want to feel disconnected.

So, I was ready to buy the sick Fat Boy. I had it separated. The salesperson put my name on it. And while I was walking away from the store, in the corner of my eyes, I spotted something. Something different from everything. Just the way I like it.

You're Not Like Everyone Else

If you are somewhat like me, you don't like to blend in. You like to stand out. And there's no way you are going to be a purple cow by doing whatever everyone else is doing. When I looked into the store, I could see a bunch of 883, Street Glide, Road Kings, Fat Boys, Fat Bobs, but there was just one Harley Davidson FXDR. Just ONE! It got me interested.

Let's start with the looks. It's the most badass bike HD has in production right now. It screams 'badassness' even stock! If you don't modify it (which we know you will do) you are already the most gangster biker in your group. Fat. Low. With the sickest air intake you'll ever see. Aggressive. You will look good. Period.

The engine: 114, generating about 156hp (not confirmed by HD. I got in another site). This will guarantee a tremendous torque: 119 lb-ft! Just to compare, the Ducatti xDiavel has produces "only" 91 lb-ft of torque. You won't have any problem in passing the Sunday drivers that accumulate traffic after them. Just push the gas, and you will fly away.

To give you stability, the 240 rear tires and 120 front tires will keep you on track while you make fast turns (under the speed limits, of course) with your drag-race style beast of a bike. You will need the grip to support the torque.

And, of course, breaking is more important than accelerating. And you make you even safer in your ride, the ABS system will take care of you.

So, if you are looking to shop a bike that is easy to handle in the city, has enough engine power and gas capacity for long rides, and make all your friends be jealous, this is THE bike for you.

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