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An Exclusive Community to Excel Your Life


Welcome, this community will be hosted by me, Daniel Jevaux. The goal here is to enclose like-minded individuals from all continents, in search to become the best version themselves can be.

Choose between English or Portuguese to be a member of this top-tier individuals community and surround yourself with people that will inspire and help you grow.

Stay tuned for French and Spanish versions in the future.

Premium video content on subjects selected by the members.

Questions and Answer once per month for each language.

Facebook, WhatsApp and Telegram. Choose one or all, it's up to you.

Get 1 on 1 coaching with Daniel with a discounted price.

Exclusive Video Content

Monthly Q & A

Multichannel Forum

Discounted Individual Coaching




Join the group to surround yourself with people searching for excellence and gain access to exclusive content.

  • Access to private multichannel groups (Facebook, Whatsapp, and Telegram)

  • Access to premium content (video, podcast, written posts) not open to the public channels

  • Monthly book review

  • Live streams access

  • Network with a tribe of like-minded individuals

  • Discount on products




A worldwide community for those looking to excel in all fields of their lives: professional, spiritual, relationships. Exchange your experience with other members and potentialize your growth. To qualify, you must earn $150k per year or more.

  • Everything from basic membership

  • Access to exclusive multichannel groups (Facebook, Whatsapp, and Telegram)

  • Bi-Monthly zoom meetings

  • Presentations from outside professionals about business, personal development, spirituality.



Exclusive community with world-class leaders. To qualify, you must be a C-suite or founder of a company. Invitation only.

  • Everything from VIP Membership

  • Access to exclusive multichannel groups (Facebook, Whatsapp, and Telegram)

  • Monthly zoom meetings

  • Network with global leaders in business and entreperneuship

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