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4 Hats styles to send a bold message

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Looking to add more of a statement to your outfits? Using a hat can send a message that can make or break your outfit. Hats can be an accessory that will complete your outfit. In this article, we will discuss the different types of hats and the messages that the hats can send.

The Trucker Hat

This hat has been worn by a wide variety of people, from skaters to the punks. These hats are wildly available at truck stops and are a cheaper replacement for baseball caps. The trucker hat is a mesh hat, that has a curved bill at the front.

Since this hat is popular with the skaters, punks, and sports crowd (baseball, golf, etc.), it gives a diverse look depending on what the person is wearing.

There is an assortment of trucker hats that can be used. Just name some; the snapback, fitted cap, five-panel hats, and the dad hat. With all these assortments of truck hats, they can be used for multiple outfits and styles.


The fedora hat is a catch from the past. The hat has pinch like quality towards the front and a narrow notch crown. The hat also has a round brim feature around the whole of the hat.

Fedora hat has become a developed beloved accessory for both men and women since the late 1800s, making this a truly timeless hate. The hat is usually dressed in a forward way on the head to protect the face from the sun.

Fedora is often worn in a variety of outfits but is styled more for a formal/informal event. The hat screams fashion for those that want something to top off a smart look.

Wide Brim Fedora

Bigger can be better! Similar to a regular fedora hat, a wide brim fedora hat is popular for both the men and women and has also been around since the 1800s. A traditional fedora's brim will measure to be about 6.4 cm (wide).

A wide brim fedora length can measure up to 3 inches, is used to be eye-catching, and demands a dramatic appearance. Worn by dapper gentlemen, this stylish hat never fails to be trendy.

As well as it's bold, dramatic appearance, the wide brim fedora also is a great hat to block out the sun while lying on the beach or the poolside, while soaking up the sun. Or the hat can give you a mysterious vibe, as the brim is so pronounced it tends to hide your face.


The Panama hat is mostly worn by movie stars, politicians, and fashion figures. In the 20th century, it was a stylish hat that is worn in settings that have warm to hot weather. The colors of the hats are usually light-colored and are made from straw.

As the name suggests, it comes from Panama, also known as sombrero de paja toquilla, in Ecuador. Perfect hat for those hot and sunny days and fitting for the serious Sartorialist.

The Panama hat can be worn by the poolside and beach in swimming trunks to the casual wearing of polo or just about anything and everything in your closet!

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