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Learn how to trade stocks

In Brazil we have a saying to explain when we really like something. Like this:

‘The stock market is a cachaça’

If you don't know, DANIEL, "cachaça" is a Brazilian run made from sugar cane. It’s the base for our famous capirinha (1-2 limes sliced in quarters, 1-2 tablespoons of sugar, 1 lime smashed in the cup you’re going to drink to extract the juice, 2 ounces of cachaca, and crushed ice).

We say something is a cachaca when we, borderline, are addicted to it. We tried, we want more.

Why am I saying that? Because the stock market is really a cachaca.

I worked in that industry for 12 years, in many roles. I traded bonds, I traded stocks, I jumped into the Private Equity sector. And trading stocks were addictive.

I know stocks don’t have anything to do with real estate, but what’s bad in wanting to make a little more money?

I’m sure that you are thinking in your head "It sounds cool when I listen to people talking about it, but I don’t know anything about it."

Well, let me tell you a secret.. you don’t have to know a lot.

You can start trading (not investing, this is completely different) knowing only 4 concepts:

  • Support

  • Resistance

  • Trend lines

  • Stop loss

Support is the lower price a asset tends to touch in a giving period.

Resistance is the higher price a asset tends to touch in a giving period.